Adopted this bundle of joy. His name is Ivo Found him near the dorms. He is a purr machine.

2021.10.20 13:19 Shosh99 Adopted this bundle of joy. His name is Ivo Found him near the dorms. He is a purr machine.

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2021.10.20 13:19 You_Stole_My_Hot_Dog Are users on the same instance of an app?

Sorry if I’m wording this wrong. I’m a bit confused as to how running a shiny app on a server works. If multiple users are using the app at the same time, are they on separate instances of the app? I have it that they are making files and then downloading them, so would they each be writing files to separate directories and then downloading only their own files, or all in the same directory, overwriting one another?
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2021.10.20 13:19 GiraAzuha I cant cast some elements when using controller (HELP!)

So I played Magicka on steam using Xbox 360 controller. But somehow I cant access the upper row of the elements and it all have the steam logo on it instead of which button to choose. How do I fix this?
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2021.10.20 13:19 letifercito Ama skiller and torch price help

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2021.10.20 13:19 CantStopDaGravyTrain Used cheats on campaign mission, no medal on next attempt with none on.

Hey all, so I used the cobra car to do a quick run through to see how the Genghis khan mission ‘the promise’ worked (I got dummied the first time because I was nowhere near ready for all the siege they were bringing), and then went through the mission clean the next time, but I was awarded no completion medal. I have even restarted the game and replayed again, yet no medal. I then did the 6th mission Pax Mongolica and was given the medal for that. If I replay ‘the promise’ again will I get the medal or did I bug the entire campaign?
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2021.10.20 13:19 Allifreyr_ Nan is going back into the cage until we get Leagues undelayed! 😡

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2021.10.20 13:19 e70_69wastaken He's a big tough guy until it's time to put on his harness!

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2021.10.20 13:19 Darko_Grez Question about the vaccination status

So I was browsing though the vaccination status for NSW but I can't make any sense of it. It shows the Hospitalised Vaccination status as: None 66.2%, Partial 6.6% and Full 5.2%. However this adds up to 78%, what are the other 13%?
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2021.10.20 13:19 adamcozens They made David a king for fighting Mike Dunleavy?

They made David a king for fighting Mike Dunleavy? submitted by adamcozens to standupshots [link] [comments]

2021.10.20 13:19 jgjames Airplay cuts out all the time from MacBook Pro M1 to HomePods

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why the sound constantly cuts out when I airplay from my MacBook Pro M1 to HomePods? Doesn’t matter if they are stereo paired or not. Driving me insane.
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2021.10.20 13:19 isabellaisme Being a short gay top is a a nightmare.

Guys expect me to be bigger dicked then them and to be taller than them. I can’t bottom, physically. So I am screwed both ways.
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2021.10.20 13:19 Hopefullhugepp Build Question

Is the 500 dollar build on the pcmr website worth it? Ive been looking for an rx570 but no luck , So I think im gonna go with the 500 dollar build, My budget is 600 dollars. (the 500 dollar build goes to 600 dollar , I live in a third world country , there is tech tax and stuff here idk im 14) Any other builds someone can suggest in a similar price point?
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2021.10.20 13:19 waiiifu- Cum and sniff 😋

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2021.10.20 13:18 SinConVally 🚀 $ChubbyShiba | Doxxed Dev | Mini Game Competitions | Shilling Competition | Launching Today at 7 PM UTC | BIG marketing Planned !

Chubby Shiba is proud of the weight he has put on. He's been eating good and ready to share his recipe for a successful moonshot!

The team has designed and organized marketing for a greater chance of success. We believe that the community and team cooperation is the most vital part of becoming part of the Shiba family.

Weekly Competitions

Every Shiba earned by the buyback wallet will be sent to the top winners of the telegram minigames taking place every day.


Post Launch

Shilling Competition

.1 BNB will go to 10 random who shill the hardest

Meme Contests

- Gets the eyes of twitter to ape in!
.1 BNB to top 5 memes created the community


Telegram :
Telegram Ann :
Website :
Twitter :
Whitepaper :

🔐 The trading in PancakeSwap will start in 2H and the liquidity is locked automatically for more than 1 year.
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2021.10.20 13:18 hi-Im-gosu Soulwrest vs Dom Blow Necro?

Played a bit of dom blow towards the end of expedition and I really liked it and am considering playing it again and taking it even further this league but i'm also interested in trying out soulwrest. They're both minion builds but does one have any advantage over the other in terms of scaling, playstyle, popularity, bossing vs clearing, etc.
Could anyone with experience playing these builds please chime in?
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2021.10.20 13:18 Sundiata34 Are drop rates bugged on Xbox right now like everything else?

I've done what feels like 100+ consecutive nihlathak runs without a single key drop. I've done them for four and a half hours straight without a single drop. I have about 300 MF, and I can do a run every 3 to 4 minutes, and the best thing I've gotten out of it is a Nagel ring. Like, what?
This has to be a big right? Or am I just this astoundingly unlucky?
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2021.10.20 13:18 acaiberishu Night dreams. ✨ , Express the chaos (Me), Digital, 2021

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2021.10.20 13:18 ohheccohfrick It becomes clear my vassal did what?!

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2021.10.20 13:18 icantpleaseyou paw

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2021.10.20 13:18 True_Music48 I created the boobs blowjob -~

A boobs blowjob is where you suck her nipple while you play with the bottom of her boob. I created it cause I’m the master of sex. It’s better if you have cold hands while you give her a boobs job so she calls you master. It’s like when a girl gives you a blowjob and plays with your balls with cold hands and you call her master in your head. I’m the want of the flesh -~
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2021.10.20 13:18 dem0n0cracy Back to the Future for Diabetes -- Technology can take us only so far—and it often doesn’t address the fundamental problem behind diabetes Dr. David Ludwig

Back to the Future for Diabetes -- Technology can take us only so far—and it often doesn’t address the fundamental problem behind diabetes Dr. David Ludwig submitted by dem0n0cracy to ketoscience [link] [comments]

2021.10.20 13:18 kev7730 My experience with Impact Investing

Disclaimer - This post is for informational purposes and is not intended to be investment or legal advice. I share this post as a resource for others because I have had to find this information on my own research. I think it is impactful but make no guarantee about the suitability as an investment. Any mistakes in this post are my own and not guaranteed to be representative of the companies as a whole.

Back in the early 2010's I went to a rally held by Bill McKibben first introducing the idea of divestment as a method of private action to address climate change. He asserted that this divestment movement had the power to change the course of private action, citing the divestment campaign against apartheid in South Africa. I was always skeptical about this movement because I felt that if individuals divest, unscrupulous hedge funds and others would swoop in to reap the rewards of a discounted asset.

I think the divestment movement since then has achieved a lot, but we are getting news stories about people making the profit that I assumed would happen. However, capital expenditure has gone down, which has driven the price of oil and gas up. While this might be one way to drive the transition, it is incredibly painful for the average consumer.

These thoughts brought me to the idea of investing in solutions. However, I am still skeptical of how much of a difference that investing in publicly traded secondary markets can have on providing movement towards a renewable energy economy. After all, you are purchasing shares from another trader. Holding publicly traded assets have a couple of benefits, mostly related to price support. This allows a company to either issue more debt at a lower cost or sell equity at a higher price. However, as an individual, the price support is nominal.

This drove me to consider other methods of impact investing that would actually be climate positive... i.e. capital drives new investment and development of renewable energies or electrifying fossil fuel. After all the two biggest climate solutions right now are 1. decarbonize the grid and 2. electrify everything.

The first solution that I found are green banks. This is not aspiration where they don't use your deposits for fossil fuel loans. (i.e. divestment). Banks that use your deposits to issue lower cost loans to renewable energy and other climate solutions. I have found three of note. - I personally bank here. FDIC insured. $1000 deposits will prevent about 1 Metric Ton of CO2 a year by reducing the cost of renewable energy loans thus driving more deployment. Atmos is registered as a public benefit corporation, so they are able to forgo some profits for the social mission of addressing Climate Change. Interest rates start out at .3% but increase with deposits and using their donation to non-profits feature. - No experience, just sharing as a resource. - Have to meet eligibility criteria. Your deposits are used to subsidize direct reduced cost loans to people for residential solar, electric vehicles among other solutions. (their car loans are about 2.5%, worthwhile to consider as well).

Now, for your money to work faster you want to actually be providing capital yourself.
I first used Kiva as a method to lend. Kiva is a non-profit that crowdsources loans for low income individuals. These loans are given out at 0% interest rates and provide you no rate of return. This is a social cause. You are able to withdraw your money after repayment. Some examples of loans I have participated in include solar lights in Madagascar, ACE clean energy cookstoves in Africa and larger loans for small scale but impactful solar projects in Africa. These loans are rare and get funded quickly because of the demand for them.

US investors are able to participate in more risky but impactful funding opportunities in businesses though a few changes in SEC regulations. In 2013, President Obama signed into law the JOBS act (jumpstart our businesses startup act) and the SEC issued regulations allowing for investment in about 2016. These funding opportunities take advantage of primarily Regs A, D and CF to raise money from investors but come with limits for unaccredited investors. Reg A limits people to investments of 10% of the greater of their net worth or income per offering while Reg CF limits people to investments of 5% of the greater of their net worth or income total. These are inherently risky and/or illiquid investments that means that you should not invest money you may need in the near future or are unable to lose.

You can find all sorts of platforms online these days that have taken advantage of this change in the regulation. (real estate, farming, wines, art to name a few). I wanted to share my personal experience with a few of these platforms for green investing. - Directly invest in portfolios of solar projects currently available in the US and Brazil. Holding period for the initial investment is 3 years but dividends can be withdrawn when they are dispersed. The CEO is the former CEO of Greenskies, one of the largest Commercial and Industrial solar developers in the US. ~$100 invested into the Brazil portfolio will prevent about 1 ton of CO2 over the life of the project. I have been impressed with their communication and transparency. They hold quarterly meetings to share updates on the projects. Energea patterned with The Sun Exchange for their Africa Portfolio (listed below). - A platform primarily servicing US companies by offering primarily debt notes that pay a coupon. These notes are really illiquid but provide an opportunity to support energy efficiency companies or solar projects. Lower yields, but direct impact on people's lives through energy efficiency and comfort upgrades. - Unaccredited investors are limited to $100 limits at the moment but may change. This is to provide loans for solar projects in high impact areas of Africa and India. Similar structure to Kiva but right now is offering debt paying 6% interest. - A large platform not devoted entirely to green projects but has a filter for green projects. I found the Graze offering to be interesting, an autonomous electric commercial sized lawn mower which has a chance at replacing pollution emitting riding lawn mowers. Has introduced its own beta secondary platform to try to provide liquidity for these projects. - Primarily working in South Africa to offer Solar Projects. I have no experience with the platform but just am aware of them through Energea. - A platform based in Europe for solar loans and similar things. (no access for US investors, no experience) - A platform based in Spain for solar loans. (unsure of access for US investors, no experience).

All this is to say, you have a lot of options as an individual to make an impact with how you bank and invest your money. You don't have to have a roof to put solar panels on, buy an electric car or retrofit your house. In fact, these investments probably have one of the most significant change you can make to address climate change. Best of all, it is passive and doesn't require personal sacrifice like going vegan.
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2021.10.20 13:18 IvanKr Svjetleće tenisice - gdje je prekidač?

Zna li netko imaju li dječje svjetleće (LED-ice koje blicaju kad se hoda) tenisice prekidač za lampice?
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2021.10.20 13:18 Reighna1 Bibles to Prisons

I want to learn more about sending Bibles to those in prison but I find very few charities to be reputable. I want basically my entire donation going to that cause...not a small fraction
Does anyone know of any?
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2021.10.20 13:18 SpunTzu [WTS] .308 COMPLETE BOLT CARRIER GROUP, BLACK NITRIDE, Ballistic Advantage - Unused, $200 Shipped CONUS (IL)

Item Pictured purchased for $215 + shipping. Factory test fired but otherwise unused. PayPal preferred.
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