24K Gold Tomahawk With My Big Green Egg!

2021.10.20 13:34 KevoBBQ 24K Gold Tomahawk With My Big Green Egg!

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2021.10.20 13:34 WrestleNova Cody Rhodes Has One Rule For ‘Rhodes To The Top’ Camera Crew

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2021.10.20 13:34 marzipanchomper Any dark study areas?

They keep turning the lights on at norm's loft and its impossible to work in bright light
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2021.10.20 13:34 admissionsmom There’s a reason why people in admissions call it Sucktober. I mean it’s not that the stuff itself is terrible to do (writing, reflection, organizing), but that there’s just So. Much. To. Do. Hold on. You’re nearly there. We can make it together.

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2021.10.20 13:34 Ieattrees5 Apparently ADHD is curable 💀

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2021.10.20 13:34 Otherwise_Trifle9018 In your opinion has life returned to “normal” or what it was like in 2019?

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2021.10.20 13:34 weed4future Join the Shiboshis Sub

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2021.10.20 13:34 some_advice_needed Two magic lamps(!) in Mines Town and wishing strategy

Overall, I am not the kind of player to keep a magic lamp for later, especially pre-castle. TBH I haven't even been to the "big room", only as far as Mines' End and Sokoban.
At the moment I am level 11 Monk, with reflection (from Sokoban), good attributes, and quite a few useful items (e.g. Helm of Brilliance, unicorn, magic marker) and nice set of spells (healing, ID, magic map to name a few).
My wishlist (pun intended) include:

  1. Magic protection, especially given I am afraid of poly-traps.
  2. Speed. I have intrinsic but speed boots would be cool.
  3. Gauntlets of XX, could be strength or dexterity (probably the former).
A few thoughts / questions:
P.S: this is Splicehack, I hope the wishing mechanism isn't vastly different.
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2021.10.20 13:34 pean-isle Unable to Get Refresh Token, What Am I Missing?

The curl request I'm making is this:

curl -X POST -d 'grant_type=password&username=USERNAME&password=PASSWORD' --user 'CLIENT_ID:CLIENT_SECRET&duration=permanent' -A 'USERNAME' https://www.reddit.com/api/v1/access_token 
But then I still get this response:
{ "access_token": ACCESS_TOKEN, "token_type": "bearer", "expires_in": 3600, "scope": "*" } 
From what I understood from the docs, adding duration=permanent is what you need to get a refresh token, but can't get it to work. Anyone know what I need to do? Thanks :)
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2021.10.20 13:34 galaxiesinmypocket Fellow Americans: How do you plan to hand out candy for Halloween this year?

I've seen some cool (and sometimes complicated) ideas for handing out candy in a safe way. What do you plan to do?
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2021.10.20 13:34 TengZai Made a promotional video for Yieldly!

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2021.10.20 13:34 Hajimemeizzy Haha funny student go brr

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2021.10.20 13:34 PanimalAsks This makes me question google’s answers on so many levels

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2021.10.20 13:34 Competitive_Ad_6928 Microwaves on Campus

Hey y'all, does anyone know of any working microwaves in campus? I know some of them have been removed because of covid but there has to be some left.
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2021.10.20 13:34 The_Unknown_2006 This is so bad, killing an architect with the smasher class build and dying due to a swarm drone ;(

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2021.10.20 13:34 Rare_Listen946 New Order - Blue Monday - Dream Pop Cover

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2021.10.20 13:34 elord2002 Sarah Abulrahaman

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2021.10.20 13:34 fionnualabourke 15 pictures of pretty Birmingham Parks to celebrate their 15 awards

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2021.10.20 13:34 gorillahands1 Advice on being close to a border?

Hi, I downloaded tinder for the first. Added a couple pics, just to try it casually. I got a few matches, had a decent conversation but she lives in Canada and I the US so obviously nothing can come of it. I have my radius set to 30 miles but I keep getting matches over the border. Is there anyway to set it so it's only in one country? Sry if it's a stupid question I'm a bit older so no experience with the app, thx
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2021.10.20 13:34 ChiefQueef98 There should be an event for the Third Internationale and the Eastern Front of the Third Internationale joining together.

I was just playing a game as the Russian Socialist Republic and we (The Internationale and I) just won the war in Europe. I was playing this game because I hadn't seen what happens yet when the 3I and the Eastern Front meet and merge.
I was hoping that there would be a small flavor event for when they meet up and merge together into the 3I. Maybe something like Commune and Russian soldiers meeting on the Elbe or something like that.
I know the Commune and Russia are all going through re-works so maybe this is something that has already been accounted for when those updates come. Just a suggestion though, there should be a global event for when this happens.
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2021.10.20 13:34 zandie12 What’s to stop some whale selling a boatload of BTC every time Bitcoin reaches ATHs and causing a flash crash? And then repeating the cycle making infinite money of our backs?

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2021.10.20 13:34 squar3r3ctangl3 Matt's Best Case Against Popularism

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2021.10.20 13:34 seksyegg 19 [T4T/F] CT/MA/NY/NJ/PA/RI

Hey everyone!
I'm a 19yo transfeminine lesbian latina living in Fairfield County, CT. I'm looking to meet more queer, poly, and trans folks in the region so we can work towards building some sort of community.
I'm a pretty big stoner. I like baking, tea, coffee, video games, and music a lot. I like listening to podcasts on philosophy, politics, psychology and spirituality. If you wanna chat some more and get to know me better, please feel free. I don't bite!
P.S. I've got a car of my own, so if we hit it off maybe we can link up or coordinate something for a girls' or queers' night. I'd be more than willing :))
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2021.10.20 13:34 darionn17 🔥 Pitch Finance 200K MC | 0.1% Slippage 🔥 | 800K ATH | CoinGecko & CMC APPROVED | Doxxed Fully Audited | Doxxed Dev | CoinsBit Exchange Listed

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2021.10.20 13:34 Astrodynamite60 [Comic Excerpt] "He is King. Of the Seven Seas and More" from Aquaman (1994) #75 by Dan Jurgens and Steve Epting

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