What is the best resource to learn Slovenian?

2021.10.20 13:03 SaveUsPapaFranku What is the best resource to learn Slovenian?

Looking to learn Slovenian but having trouble finding good resources for it. If anyone has any recommendations for learning it that would be great.
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2021.10.20 13:03 RedPacketSecurity How to delete your Snapchat account

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2021.10.20 13:03 UberTrainer FT: Dada Zarude + Shiny Celebi codes; LF: Offers.

Hi everyone. As the title says, I'm offering a code for Dada Zarude and Shiny Celebi. I'm looking for other events, so feel free to make offers.
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2021.10.20 13:03 starlighhtt MARVO (UK Only) GIVEAWAY: 3 PC Gaming Peripheral Bundles + £50 Steam Gift Cards. Total of 3 winners!

3 mega gaming kits from Marvo are up for grabs in this giveaway! ⌨️🖱️🎧 We're also throwing in a £50 Steam gift card with every prize. Everything you need for your desk to dive into your favourite games. What game would you play on your new kit?
❗ HOW TO ENTER: It's simple, all you have to do is give us a follow on any of our Marvo UK social media accounts. These are... ◼️ Facebook: @marvogroupuk ◼️ Instagram: @marvogroupuk ◼️ Twitter: @marvogroupuk
Once you have followed us, you have been entered! You will get 1 entry per each Marvo UK account you follow, so make sure to follow all 3 to get 3 entries 👍
⚠️ Giveaway only for UK residents. Giveaway ends 1st of November at 2PM (GMT), winners will be announced 1st of November at 4PM (GMT). Winners should get back to us within 48 hours or another winner will be selected.
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2021.10.20 13:03 Only_Half_Irish When is early release?

I've Google it and every article is either giving me beta dates or the 19th? Is early release for pre orders a full week before the 19th?
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2021.10.20 13:03 Light_Bringer24 Favourite album opener, and why?

Comment for Textbook
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2021.10.20 13:03 asmajda Here’s why $15,000 isn’t really ‘far-fetched’ for Ethereum

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2021.10.20 13:03 Sane4u Keep my 2018 Outback 3.6R or order 2022 Outback Touring XT

I have a 2018 3.6R with 36k miles. Carmax will give me 30,800 for it and after payoff I will net 19k. I like the new touring XT but wondering about the 6 cyl vs turbo, reliability of the turbo is a concern. I would have to order the car as there is no inventory, cost would be around 45k. So I am looking at this as getting a new car for 26K. Appreciate any feedback and guidance, long time lurker.
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2021.10.20 13:03 proteajen Unfurl update!

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2021.10.20 13:03 GreenDutchman ASPIT......PIAY?

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2021.10.20 13:03 Galaxy_4125 I made an edit :D

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2021.10.20 13:03 RedPacketSecurity CVE-2021-30869

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2021.10.20 13:03 alxmrrs SIB Killing Floor 2

Looking for a co-op shooter for my friend and I to play. We just finished Dying Light (now onto The Following not loving that) and frequently play COD BO3 Zombies and have enjoyed both.
We like when there is a story to progress through but mainly want to be hacking zombies.
Other games we’ve like are Remnant as Titanfall 2 reference.
Is this game close to what we like / is there an active community? Have there been updates since launch / are they free? And paid DLC?
The game is only $7 on PSN right now.
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2021.10.20 13:03 froyodelight What are your thoughts on withdrawing/taking a break in NP school?

I’m in my last semester and because of covid, my school had the hardest time finding me a clinical. I just started my first day this Monday and my preceptor who’s a doctor didn’t let me do anything besides take vitals. She was very unapproachable and I’m going to try to talk to her about my school requirements. I’m debating whether to delay graduation to find a better clinical experience next year. I appreciate your input, thanks!
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2021.10.20 13:03 Far_Mention8934 Is it even worth purchasing? Its on sale, but the skin looks terrible imo

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2021.10.20 13:03 xMotoMan00 Giratina on me 5213 7332 8511

First 10 get in
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2021.10.20 13:03 Taobattu Damn,look at them go

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2021.10.20 13:03 karinsmit Check out Magic Mushroom Mafia!

Check out Magic Mushroom Mafia! Great team and community! Was just announced! Join the Discord: https://discord.gg/cMGGx2W9
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2021.10.20 13:03 KazBurgers I'm gonna enjoy the last days when the image search for Queen Zenobia is still filled with classical art I guess

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2021.10.20 13:03 iamSkylerXO Uh oh. Someone’s coming.

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2021.10.20 13:03 bleeblackjack Fist Chamber Orchestra Piece and First big piece since COVID

This was my first piece at an in-person festival since a few days before lockdown at the 2021 Composers Conference at Brandeis. It was an absolutely wonderful experience and I encourage you to apply (it’s free). The application for the 2022 Composers Conference opens in November and is available until February 2022. I’m really happy with this piece: it pushed me in a lot of interesting directions with my work, but also felt like a synthesis of a lot of ideas. Compared to a lot of my recent work, this also feels like a “fast” piece and even a “Romantic” piece. One of the best compliments I received in a long time was actually from my program note lol, which an artist I really respect said it reminded them of Gabriel García Márquez. I disagree with them, but I’ll take it! There’s influences from other Wandelweiser composers here, but also form Linda Catlin Smith whom I worked with on this piece, but a healthy dose of Sibelius, John Luther Adams, a little Feldman, Adrián Demoč, to name a few.
On Friday, March 6, 2020 I played a show at MOXSonic, where we were speculating if SEAMUS 2020 (occurring the next week) would be canceled because of “that virus thing.” March 8, I received my acceptance to the 2020 Composers’ Conference; March 9 SEAMUS was called off; My Grandfather passed away March 10. March 11, I began this piece; March 12, while driving to Nebraska for my Grandfather’s funeral, the University of North Texas sent out their emails “extending spring break a week” in order to effectively allow for a transition into online instruction, which was then officially announced the next day. The 2020 Composers Conference became virtual early in May: by this point, a significant portion of this piece was already completed for an ensemble twice the size, but it was no longer a question if the COVID-19 pandemic would be a thing for [quite a while]. In retrospect, working on the piece between March and May might have been optimistic; more an act of compartmentalizing a vast array of emotions than purposeful composition work. Still, when the 2021 Composers Conference was announced, I returned to this work (having essentially forgotten it) to find that I could certainly pick up where I left off and bring it into the new instrumentation, forming the genesis of the piece before you.
It’s strange to think that our mental demarcation of time is almost never accurate to our real experiences. There are clear epochs in our lives (pre/post COVID, etc.) that we use to orient ourselves with the events that we experience. Either that, or we will often cluster memories and forget what happens in-between. Still, the reality is that we experience life on a continuum: events, persons, situations enter into our lives, dovetailing, overlapping, departing, and returning to create this tangled mess of happenings that make up our lives. The common denominator here, however, is you- the main character of your story. The form is relatively intangible, but all things point back to what you have experienced and how you ultimately find the meaning in them. It is beautifully tumultuous, but it can be somewhat smoothed out when we stop, reflect, and work out the network of these who, when, where, interactions. While our memories are abstract, the ripples they leave are often concrete: we grapple with them on a daily basis, and the decisions that you made long ago form a part of that bigger story.
My story with this piece crosses what will almost certainly be a paradigm shift in my life (probably everybody’s). So perhaps this piece is a reflection of that (I certainly was interested in these themes while writing it), or maybe it is just a thing that I just happened to carry with me (I do not take for granted the fact that this piece even exists again). Either way, it’s part of that complex network of intertwined happenings and it has been there the entire time. It is not so much about these things, as much as it is a part of them. Coming in and out, wading in the deep of a story.
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2021.10.20 13:03 JesusBuddhaKrishna PROG is a value play we don't even need it to squeeze. Buyout is almost guaranteed imo. FDA patents will generate new revenues guaranteed.... But..

It's likely gonna squeeze too.
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2021.10.20 13:03 ttvtwatly hi! i saw someone ask for the book introduction to sociology 12th edition. i commented on it since some people mentioned they have it but i have not received a message or a reply. pls help!! it’s by anthony giddens! does anybody have it? 😭😭😭😭

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2021.10.20 13:03 RedPacketSecurity CVE-2021-30869

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2021.10.20 13:03 Niklas1998 Recommendations for taller folks in Austria

So im 186cm and about 85 kg and im looking for a new office chair. I really like chairs like the haworth fern or the steelcase embody, but there isnt really a way to test them in Austria with the ability to return them (unless you pay list price)
Featurewise im really in love with the Ergochair 2 (or now pro) but i heard its just rebranded stuff from china for double the price. Do you have any recommendations of where i can testsit (live near graz) or order something similar to the ergochair but with better quality and support with a good return policy?
I also looked into chairs like the neuechair from secretlab but most reviews claim its not for taller people.
Features id really like to have: •good adjustable (preferably hight and strength) lumbar support •synchrotilt (or good recline) •able to support a 8-16 hour workday (with breaks)
I dont care about armrests that much but it would be a nice to have. Headrest would be nice since i like to lean back and take a break
Any recommendations? Price isnt really a limiting factor. It should be below 1000€ and i would prefer below 500 but i have no problem spending more if the features and quality is there
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