Mike pence’s full name is mechanical pencil.

2021.12.03 19:36 regian24 Mike pence’s full name is mechanical pencil.

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2021.12.03 19:36 Jarinad THEY CHANGED THE NAME :(

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2021.12.03 19:36 Foxy2025 I’m pretty sure this is the face I made when I saw music man

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2021.12.03 19:36 hblambe3 Help Needed!

This book was available in the scholastic book fair in 2012- 2014, I can’t remember the exact year. All I know is that the book cover was mostly dark colored, maybe blue or black, and that it had a science-y plot to it. I want to say that it had something to do with a disease or plague or something. But I can’t seem to remember.
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2021.12.03 19:36 Logical-Flow4877 Just a screenshot I think looks cool

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2021.12.03 19:36 Tyrantes They messed up Photo Mode. Time still passes as long as you move your Left Stick. Try for yourselves.

Convoys are not fully fixed, also. PGG really lowered the quality they used to have.
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2021.12.03 19:36 E_m_maker Time to fix some gappy dovetails!

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2021.12.03 19:36 akaCatchuro I heard the bot was getting hungry so I got 21 more treats to it

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2021.12.03 19:36 bhoomifille1234 Disappointingly vegetal haut medoc :/

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2021.12.03 19:36 Tobi18x Which one is your favorite Evil Dead movie from the Series, or do you like yhe TV Series the most? Let me know guys

Which one is your favorite, geredet are no wrong answers
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2021.12.03 19:36 JhonatanOrj Book the Rock's career had it started today - Retirement. Part 2

RAW Post-Mania 04/04/2022
The Rock suprises the RAW crowd opening the show. He talks about he was no joking when he said he was back, he's here to stay and now the hottest free agent can show up both on RAW and Smackdown. But tonight the Rock is on Monday Night RAW. He talks about his loss at Mania, he tried but this time The Rock failed, he's interrupted by The Miz. Miz says that nobody wants to hear anything about Rock, RAW was good (lie) enough without The Rock and all thanks to The Miz, he must know his role and shut his mouth. Rock witnesses how Miz steals one of his own and counters with a line about Miz' role being in WWE's studios matches. Miz tries to hits him with the mic, Rock dodges and grabs him for the Rock Bottom with help from Maryse, Miz escapes and hides behind Maryse, Rock refuses to hit her and leaves.
RAW 11/04/2022
Rocky needs some time to rest, this night he doesn't show up, it's Miz who talks, specially about the disrespect Rock did to him last week, he invites him to a special edition of Miz TV next week.
RAW 18/04/2022
RAW kicks off with The Miz who makes a sarcastic introduction to The Rock, Rock comes out and Miz asks him to apologize, The Rock doesn't apologizes, both men start shooting on each other, Rock says that he was a true star while The Miz couldn't even make it to cheap reality shows, things heat up but Miz agains uses Maryse as a shield, Miz leaves the ring letting a really fired up Rock in.
RAW 25/04/2022
Rock opens the show, he calls out Miz, he just wants to talk man to man, it's Maryse who comes out, she questions what is Rock's obsession with Miz, is he jealous about Miz' wife? About Miz, double Grand slam? About Miz' WrestleMania Main event win? There are plenty of things to be jealous of Miz, Rock isn't jealous about anyone, Miz opened his mouth in first place, Rock is surprised by The Mis who jumps on him from behind, both men brawl but as Rock starts to recover Maryse gets on the apron, slaps Rock, Miz kicks him in the Rockies and with a Skull Crushing Finale lets Rock laying down.
RAW 02/05/2022
The Rock opens the show again, he calls out Miz but this time in a clean man to man, no Maryse, no low blows, just one on one. Miz comes out, this time they have their most heated confrontatión, great promo work by both of them, Miz again gets frustrated and goes for the attack, a mini brawl takes place but Rock controls it, he puts Miz down with a Samoan Drop, goes for the People's Elbow but Maryse runs in, she grabs Rock by the leg when he's running for the ropes, Rock stares at her, she gets in the ring and lays over Miz, will Rocky hit the People's Elbow on a woman, hell yes, the most electrifying move in sports entertainment hits with double effect, both Miz and Maryse roll out of the ring with Maryse selling the impact really heavily. Rock celebrates in the ring and tells Miz that if he wants some revenge he will he him on sunday.
Backlash 08/05/2022
The Miz VS The Rock
Maryse plays an important role here, she's in ringside interfering against Rocky but no no, it's not enough with a Rock Bottom, Rock takes the win in about 10 minutes in a spectacle for the fans.
Rocky did his job, he took some retribution after his loss but it's now time to rest.
=============Time Travel Moment============= RAW 27/06/2022
It's the final RAW episode previous Money In The Bank, only one spot to fill for the men's MITB ladder match left, for weeks Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville have been hyping up a big surprise.
And what a surprise, The Rock's theme plays and the man shows up, the crowd pops, after almost two months Rock is back, he plays a little bit with the crowd and Chad Gable & Otis already on the ring, things get a bit heated but Rock makes it clear, The Rock won't be the man in the match, the crowd boos, anyways Rock has an ace under his sleeve, returning to RAW it's Samoa Joe! "Joe Joe Joe" chants the crowd as Samoa makes his way to the ring, Rock will stay in commentary for the match.
MITB Ladder Match Qualifying Match
Chad Gable VS Samoa Joe
Rock makes some fun of Gable & Otis, he says to be really excited for Samoa Joe returning. In the end, after a great match Joe wins and qualifies. But things aren't over, as Joe stands tall Gable blames Rock for his loss, Rock gets out of the table and approaches the ring but suddenly Gable is grabbed in the Coquina Clutch, Rock gets in the ring, Joe releases Gable and Rock goes for the People's Elbow but Otis gets in his way, both man face off, Otis tries a laariat but Rock dodges, Joe grabs Otis in movement in a suplex and puts him alongside Gable, Rock feels it and connects a double People's Elbow. Both Rock and Joe stands tall to end the show.
It's announced that Rock will take on Chad Gable at Money In The Bank.
Money In The Bank 03/07/2022
Chad Gable VS The Rock
Chad does his best with his pretty neat technical style but the Brahma Bull is too much even with Otis outisde The Rock takes another win after a Rock Bottom.

Samoa Joe fails to win the MITB Briefcase.
RAW 04/07/2022
Rock is announced to face Otis in his big RAW in-ring return.
Rock talks to Samoa Joe backstage, tells him not to overthink about MITB, Joe seems mad but Rock tells him he'll have another chance, nothing to worry about happened, Rock asks him to be in his corner tonight.
Otis VS The Rock
Otis is already in the ring. Rock makes his entrance alone, does his poses and makes a hand signal for Joe to come out, he doesn't, Rock walks to the courtain but is suddenly runned over by Samoa Joe, Joe starts punching Rock right on the face, a suplex on the stage and drives him back trough the ramp, Rock tries to fight back but Joe locks him in the Coquina at ringside, throws Rock to the steel stairs, hits him a couple times with a steel chair and everything ends as Joe shoulder blocks Rock trought the barricade. Joe stands proudly tall staring directly at what he has just done. Rock's big RAW return must be postponed.
RAW 11/07/2022
There's no Rock tonight. We are updated however that he was recommended by the doctors to stay a couple weeks out. This week it's Joe who does the talking, he explains his actions, he attacked Rock because Rock had the need to steal the spotlight in his RAW return, because Rock lied to him telling him he will have more chances, FALSE, Joe won't have chances as long as freaking Hollywood Superstars keep showing up, Joe knows what he needs to do to get chances, put Rock to sleep, at SummerSlam if Rock is even able to walk by then he challenges him to a match.
RAW 18/07/2022
Samoa Joe beats the hell out of Akira Tozawa this week. After his match he talks again, last week Rock didn't showed up and haven't accepted his challenge yet, He doesn't know if Rock was called in last minute by hollywood but the offer is still on, at "SummerSlam Joe puts The Rock in the Coquina Clutch again and long time no see, he'll never see you R..." Joe is interrupted by The Rock! Rocky jumps on Joe, he unleashes all his anger, there are no security guys enough, Rock takes them out but loses time for Joe to recover, after a back and forth brawl finally the security guys control the situation, separating them on opposite sides of the ring both men keep yelling, "I accept, piece of #$1=&%/" is what he can hear from The Rock.
RAW 25/07/2022
It's sealed at SummerSlam Rock will take on Samoa Joe. This week we get one of those simmultaneous yet digital interviews, Corey Graves is supposed to be the intermediary but he won't be needed tonight, Rock takes the word and explains Joe what he did, Rock says that he didn't wanted to take the spotlight, it was the opposite, Rock always has a spotlight he just wanted to put a bit of the focus on Joe as he has failed to do it himself since his debut, Rock roasts Joe who just gets that mad that gets up kicks his chair and starts yelling tp the camera serious threatens to Rock.
SummerSlam 2022 30/07/2022
Samoa Joe VS The Rock
It's time for the match, we can feel the bad blood and the intensity, Rock is more cocky and plays a little bit with Joe but Samoa gets serious so Rock does. Joe looks really dominant, like he's about to beat The Rock, will Joe do it? well, no, it's Rock who escapes from several Coquina Clutch's attempts and with 2 Rock Bottoms takes the win in the biggest party of the summer. Rock celebrates.
And you guessed it right, more rest time for Rocky.
=============Time Travel Moment #2============= Survivor Series 2022 26/11/2022
Rock opens the show returning again, he cuts a promo on how the last year has been, he's waiting the rest of 2022 brings him new challenges and surprises because The Rock is back (again).
RAW 28/11/2022
The Rock kicks off the show saying that he wants his RAW in-ring return, he still has some business with Gable & Otis maybe they are the ones, but they don't come out, Rock trashtalks them but they still don't come out. Visibly disappointed Rock walks backstage.
RAW 05/12/2022
The Rock does it again he says he'll try it one more time, calls out Gable & Otis again, this time works but just half of it as Chad Gable barely shows on stage he says they are tired of The Rock, "Are you tired?" asks Rock to the crowd, they let him know the answer is "NO" Gable says not the crowd it are the wrestlers who are tired of him, he keeps going out and talking and talking, it's just not like in the 90's, Rock has lost his touch and he's not worth of his time, Gable leaves and Rock seems confussed, he follows Gable and finds out it was a trap, Otis was waiting at Gorilla Position and after a punch throws Rock trough a wall.
RAW 12/12/2022
We don't have news from Rocky tonight.
Otis attacks Randy Orton backstage and injures his leg.
RAW 19/12/2022
Gable and Otis talk in the ring, proud of what they have done, they are interrupted by The Rock in the screen who tells them not to be so happy, next week The Rock will be back and they'll pay for what they have done. Gable laughs for not to cry, he shows confidence but is worried.
RAW 26/12/2022
As a man of his word Rock is the ring calls out Otis and Gable, they come, from ringside Gable says they don't want trouble, "right, Otis?" Otis doesn't says nothing and starts to get into the ring, Rock fires up as Gable tries to stop Otis but there's nothing to do. They are now face to face when suddenly... RKO Out of Nowhere! but not for Rock, Otis is the one who got it by a notably jurt Orton, Otis rolls out, Riddle runs in from backstage to see how now Orton and Rock are face to face, Rock is even more excited now but Orton rolls out, "I have to be in my 100%, Rock" says Orton while leaving, Rock calls him coward, Riddle tries to convince Orton, "Look, you high friend want this to happen, come on Randy" Randy definitely walks out, Riddle looks sad, "What about you kid? you and me next week to start 2023 in the highest, Riddle accepts and looks euphoric he celebrates with the fans, even hugs Rock, big mistake, Rock grabs him in the Rock Bottom and hits.
RAW 02/01/2023
Riddle VS The Rock
Rock finally has his RAW return, Riddle is even more excited than Rock who delivers a showcase of his abilities and wins the match, not before putting Riddle in a good position. Rock raises Riddle's arm but oh oh, again RKO Out of Nowhere!, this time IS to The Rock. Randy looks him down while Riddle seems angry, shocked, happy, worried, sad, confused and high. "I will see you at Royal Rumble, Rock" says Orton who leaves without Riddle.
RAW 09/01/2023
Rock all fired up calls out Randy Orton, Orton from the stage says it wasn't personal, he's the Lengend Killer and that's what he does, Riddle comes out and asks Orton to apologize to Rock, Orton denies with his head and Riddle makes his way to the ring, he enters and asks Rock to frogive Randy, even presents the idea of RK-bROCK, Riddle even explains the name but Rock isn't paying attention he hasn't taken his eyes out of Randy still in stage, Rock gets tired and Rock Bottoms Riddle he looks again at Randy "Do something" yells Rock but Orton doesn't approaches. Rock hits the People's Elbow throwing his elbow pad to Orton who didn't move.
RAW 16/01/2023
Rock does the same thing, Randy doesn't come out, it's Riddle again who says last week wasn't cool bro, he got a bit mad and wants Rock to apologize to him, "The Rock doesn't apologizes" says The Rock and even slaps Riddle who starts throwing kicks but is controlled by Rock who lands another Rock Bottom, "I hope your watching, Randy" says Rock while running for another People's Elbow, but oh, mid-run RKO Out of Nowhere! Orton connects Rock before the Elbow, "I WAS WATCHING, I'M ALWAYS WATCHING" says Randy to The Rock laying down. Orton helps Riddle recover and both go out.
RAW 30th Anniversary 23/01/2023
It's 30 year anniversary for Really Awesome Wrestling show. Stone Cold Steve Austin is out for the last segment of the night, Riddle comes out fanboying, Austin pulls out all The Rock's deal, Riddle says it's past, this sunday Randy kicks his ass, Rock comes out directly facing Austin, both smile in a wholesome moment but Rock starts roasting Riddle, it's now Randy Orton who comes out, Orton and Rock have a verbal confrontation until Riddle gets in the middle and you guessed it, he gets another Rock Bottom, Rock takes a moment to celebrate but a classic arrives, STUNNER!!! Rock sells the shit out of it like in old times, Orton pretends to do an RKO on Austin but Steve gets up quickly and with Orton and Austin face to face the show ends.
Royal Rumble 2023 29/01/2023
Randy Orton VS The Rock
A good one on one encounter, even though the feud rised up quickly you don't see that bad blood heat, there's even some respect for both RKO and Rock Bottom. Rock survives 2 RKO's but Orton falls to the now classic 2 Rock Bottoms, Rock celebrates another win.
John Cena returned to WWE in the Royal Rumble Match.
Rock takes a couple weeks to rest.
Fastlane 2023 19/02/2023
The Usos are in the ring trashtalking basically everybody, until The Rock comes out to face them, he says that he always wanted to fight them for last year. The Usos jump on him until oh, it's John Cena. Big John runs in and saves Rocky. Both men look at each other.
Smackdown 24/02/2023 / To summarize all this weeks basically the feud develops, The Usos constantly
Smackdown 03/03/2023 / calling out Cena & Rock who don't show up, at some point they actually do,
Smackdown 10/03/2023 / Cena takes some singles matches at Smackdown but The Usos put out there
Smackdown 17/03/2023 / all Cena & Rock's issues in the past, who was better, but never better than
Smackdown 24/03/2023 / The Tribal Chief.
Smackdown 31/03/2023 / In the contract signing both team roast each other but there's no contact.
WrestleMania 39 02/04/2023
John Cena & The Rock VS The Usos
And here we are, uff what a ride. A dream team taking on one of the best WWE teams ever. As you may predict, Cena & Rock take the win and celebrate their win afterwards.
=============Time Travel Moment #3=============
RAW 02/07/2023 / Basically a face of RAW feud, both men try to prove if it's either Monday Night Rollins
RAW 09/07/2023 / or Monday Night Rock, Seth does some of his tricks and plays some games with Rock
RAW 16/07/2023 / who loses the plot at some moments. Both no man is shown weak here, they have
RAW 23/07/2023 / several verbal confrontation like a shooting.
SummerSlam 2023 30/07/2023
Seth Rollins VS The Rock
What a ride again, let's move to the match. An authentic dream match, Seth Rollins is the first man to survive to the 2 Rock Bottoms since Rock's returns and Rocky falls again, he can't make it to survive 3 Stomps with the last one being a bit dirty.
=============Time Travel Moment #4============= Returning in first Raw of 2024 Rock shows lack of confidence after his loss, he says that Royal Rumble will be his last shot, he did it once and if he can't do it again then he simply can't do it anymore. All the following RAWs are Rock having confrontations with main RR winner candidates.
Royal Rumble 2024 28/01/2024
Royal Rumble Match
Rock enters #24, eliminates Otis and gets some retribution on Seth Rollins as he's the final eliminated, yes, Rock wins the Royal Rumble, he eliminates Rollins after battling on the apron for a time. Rock points at WM40 sign.
From now on Rock teases to challenge either Universal Champion, Finn Balor, who then loses the title to Seth Rollins, or WWE Champion, still the face of Smackdown, Roman Reigns, the decision looks clear but when Rollins conquers the Universal Title at Elimination Chamber he almost begs Rock to choses him but nah, there's nothing to do, destiny is written, Rock faces his destiny and he'll go to face Roman Reigns in the Main Event of WrestleMania 40.
The feud develops as you may imagine, there are a lot of verbal confrontantion, yet nothing physical, The Usos don't get involved and all make it to the climax in a contract signing as Rock demanded one, Reigns says that he doesn't feel honoured to be compared with The Rock he feels disgusted. Rock says that he recognizes a lot of his younger self in Roman Reigns, and if he can't beat a sh*ttier version of himself then he can't do this anymore, Rock puts his career on the line, Roman is shocked but respects the decision and in the previos Smackdown before WrestleMania the deal is sealed with a face off and handshake.
WrestleMania 40 31/03/2024
Title VS Career
WWE Championship
Roman Reigns (C) VS The Rock
Everything comes to an end and tonight it's either Reigns' title reign or Rock's career, the man who broke CM Punk's record as longest reign with the belt or the man who actually beated CM Punk in that reign. In the main event, probably one of the biggest of them all, Roman manages to survive 3 Rock Bottoms as Rock survives 3 spears, the fourth one will be the decisive, who'll make it, Rock has Roman for the fourth Rock Bottom but not today Rocky, Roman escapes and puts Rock on the Guillotine, Rock refuses to fall, Roman's weight is too much but Rock takes his odds and stays concious, he can't break it with spinebusters that just hurt him more, Reigns is like a lion refusing to release his prey but Rock is that prey that knows still has a chance to make it. All of the sudden, Reigns releases Rock who falls on his knees in the middle of the ring, Roman looks him in the eyes with respect, knowing what he has got to do, runs for the ropes and the fourth spear comes in the shape of the most devastating one we have ever seen applied by Reigns, it breaks Rock in half, Roman pins and Roman wins. It's over, Rock's career is over, Roman has his little moment even though he's exhausted too, both men look eye to eye after a couple minutes and like Stone Cold did with Vince McMahon, Rock shakes Roman's hand and finally acknowledges him, Reigns leaves to stand tall on the ramp as Rock stays reflexive in the ring, his career just ended, it finally did, it's now Dwayne Johnson who lives, The Rock is done after an ilustrious career. The crowd acknowledges Rock as he says the final goodbye and the show ends.

This is where my booking ends fellow bookers, I know the end isn't as elaborate as I have wanted but I'm honestly burnt, thanks for reading hope you like it and see you next time.
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2021.12.03 19:36 rayyfcb19 Why do you think Reddit/Twitter/Facebook are so left leaning?

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2021.12.03 19:36 iaminpieces songs by them that are similar to their most popular? R U MINE, i wanna be yours etc.

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2021.12.03 19:36 Geheimpolizei So instead of people turning invisible when in a convoy, they’re just not there at all.

Was hoping the update would make being in a convoy actually work, but no. Now whenever I’m in a convoy everyone is just fucking gone. No one from the convoy is there, hell even other random players are gone. Stellar fucking update 10/10.
But hey at least I can solo the arcade since other players just don’t exist anymore.
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2021.12.03 19:36 lordchrome10 Tier List On Who Can Beat Azaan In A 1v1

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2021.12.03 19:36 DizzyBet M24 anyone wanna talk while I play Brilliant Diamond?

I’m playing Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and I would love to chat with someone. Maybe on discord? HMU!
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2021.12.03 19:36 dejobaan Momotype - A experimental visual novel about raising a virtual pet. Help a tamagotchi-like creature navigate his angst. We love Momo!

Momotype - A experimental visual novel about raising a virtual pet. Help a tamagotchi-like creature navigate his angst. We love Momo! submitted by dejobaan to WhatsOnSteam [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 19:36 claste96 I am so happy I do not live in America

Seriously, every time I see a video from this sub I think this exact thing, I saw police giving a fine to a person nearly 1 month ago, that person was a little angry and upsetted but at the end the police calmed him down with talking. How come that in America everey single day there is a cop abuse? Of course here in Italy we have our stories of abuse but those are really rare, I am confident that when police block me to ask me for the driving license (for general controls) I just can stop, they check and I can go, I am not randomly blocked by officers and I can talk to them like they are normal people. I can even talk to military with bigger weapon and still feel safe, those are the people that protects the community, not that endanger it.
Sorry for my English, it is far from good.
This is not to blame America but I can't believe that for some things America is considered great, in reality it is worse than most contries here.
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2021.12.03 19:36 Jem_colley Security Focused DeFi Project EverRise Now Live on 3 Blockchains, Staking Introduced

Originally launched on June 15th, 2021, EverRise is a blockchain technology company that offers bridging and security solutions across multiple chains through an ecosystem of decentralized applications. With their RISE token, they were the first to bring the buyback to crypto. Since then, the buyback mechanic has become standard in space with countless forks.
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2021.12.03 19:36 followthedoe The whole John directing the 32 attack on here was a mistake.

Should have bombarded crypto instead
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2021.12.03 19:36 jackal567 Fictional characters spend half of their stories yearning for the normal life fans in the real world yearn to get out of. Just by having a normal life, you're the dream of your fictional heroes.

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2021.12.03 19:36 jeremynewall UPBEAT INDIE (Taking song suggestions)! Here’s a playlist I made with my favourite indie tunes that i’m sure you guys will like! I want to make this collaborative to send suggestions :) Updated re

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2021.12.03 19:36 No-Hat-1687 💎 SOLid Token 💎 Just found a new coin, participated in an private sale. Team is dedicated and looks legit, worth a try for me. If you want to take a closer look to the telegram here it is: https://t.me/+ypTAVLtaYKlmZGE0

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2021.12.03 19:36 CRMacNamara “Okay Merlin, stay inside or outside the bathroom but keep that door closed, it’s cold” Merlin👇🏻

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2021.12.03 19:36 Present-Great Made a spider man poster celebrating all the live action movies

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