I’ve got 300k and this team, only things tradable are Hakimi and Theo. Any upgrade tips?

2021.12.03 19:58 webbjake00 I’ve got 300k and this team, only things tradable are Hakimi and Theo. Any upgrade tips?

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2021.12.03 19:58 poisonkat It's 5 years since dday.

This is a long complicated story.. I haven't faced my hurt in 5 years. I need advice.
We have been on and off for about 16-17 years, never got married and no kids thankfully. We both grew up in nyc and that is where we met. When we first started dating we were 19-20 years old so we were very young, it lasted maybe a year. We tried again maybe 8 months later, except this time I ended up moving to SC with my family so we ended it. He stayed in ny.
I didn't see him or speak to him for 3 years. We got back into contact and he starts visiting me once every month or so, we didnt talk about being exclusive since he lived far away but just enjoyed each others company. We did this for almost a year until I found out he was dating someone else the entire time. I stop talking to him bc I was angry but i didnt feel cheated on bc we weren't exclusive (he still cheated on someone and I'm not idiot for not recognizing this).
Another couple of years pass and we again make contact. We do the visit thing again for a few months and then I give him an ultimatum, either you move here or we stop seeing each other. It hurt so bad everytime he left. He decided to move to SC, 800 miles away from everything and everyone he knows. I felt SO happy and so special.
2 years later we were doing fine emotionally but he rejected me alot whenever i tried to initiate sex. It was down to once every couple of months. We were in our mid-late 20s! One night while he is staying at a hotel for work I just so happen to see an active convo happening on fb messenger that popped up on the computer (he stayed signed in). I was immediately uncomfortable with what I saw so I clicked the box. He was sexting and sending nudes to someone. I found out this was a person he always liked, even before me, who lived in ny. He told her he was single. I threw him out, was devastated, felt cheated on and eventually moved on. I apparently never faced my intense trust issues.
Now here we are, 5 years later, he is still in SC and he texts me again. We get involved again, quickly, like he moved in right away (STUPID I KNOW). Everything was great for the first month or so and then the fear and bad thoughts started kicking in super hard. I did not have another relationship during that time and i had no idea i had developed such a fear of being hurt. Almost everyday in the last couple of months ive visualize their conversation, the fact that he moved here and couldn't control himself within 2 years. That he lied to me about someone else prior to this. What lies don't I know?
He told me he would do anything to make me feel better and that he regrets what he did, he will never do it again, wants a future with me and will do anything to have it. I was having a really bad moment a couple days ago and I demanded to see his messenger. Just to know hes not hiding anything. He said no and called me a pos.... so I told him to leave, I guess that scared him so he shows me his messenger, while he is holding it, scrolls through so quickly I didn't see anything. He wouldn't show me again and leaves the room, I'm sure to delete things.
I told him in a letter that I want access to his phone, no questions asked. I dont want to look through his stuff, i just want to know that i can because he is not hiding anything. That if that is what makes me feel better then that is what I need right now. I would do that for the person ive hurt and love. I am waiting to hear back.
I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Thinking about breaking up again hurts so bad but the pain he's caused is intense and keeps slapping me in the face.
Since we don't have any ties should I just end this or do I believe him when he says he wont betray me again? Should I wait to see how he handles my phone request?
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2021.12.03 19:58 mikev37 Wrath and Glory Tiers and Archetypes - or how I learned to stop worrying and ignore the rules

I picked up the second edition of W&G and was hoping that they changed the things that confused me about the first edition, but it looks like they didn't want to stray too far from the formula. The book is laid out in a much nicer, easily understandable way, but this ease of understanding just reveals even more the problems with the system - it is at the same time shallow and complicated, leading to needless confusion and vaguely similar characters.
There is a lot about W&G to like - the core system leads to interesting outcomes, there's meta currencies, the system is relatively rules light while retaining some of that 40k crunch, you roll buckets of dice, people can play any character in 40k...
I first went down this rabbit hole when trying to understand Tiers and Archetypes, and specifically how to avoid using them or bend the rules somewhat to make them more flexible. My thought going into the system was that each tier equated to a power level, and each power level equated to a different FFG book, with tier 1 being "gritty" DH and OW games, tier 2 being more powerful endgame DH or DH2 stuff, Tier 3 being things like RT where you command vast ships or DW where you're an inhuman killing machine, and Tier 4 being absurd campaigns like that one expansion of DH I had where you could be an inquisitor or something.
Except that there's no AdMech at Tier 1. Wait a minute, I thought, Even at the grittiest DH1 Tier you could have been a tech priest! Maybe, I pondered, I should increase the tier to 2. The game's probably not meant to be played at Tier 1, I'm just supposed to take those characters and upgrade them to a suitably playable tier with an ascension package. So I looked up the tier of a Tech priest. Tier THREE?? The same as a SPACE MARINE? Higher than a Rogue Trader?! What are they on about? To be fair there is a Skitarii archetype that's at tier 2, but that's explicitly a cyborg warrior - there's no admech acolyte equivalent focusing on the engineering, some sort of mechanicus intern gearhead.
Stumped in this way, I looked further into deconstructing what archetypes were, and let me tell you, down this way lies madness. Much like reading a book of Tzeetchian lore, the more I understood it the more insane I felt. The whole RPG feels like it should be a rules light romp through the 40k system, but it has this extremely rigid Tier and Archetype system. Why? A player should be able to customize their character as they want, and there are rules in the book to this effect in Advanced character creation. Then I understood: G&W is wearing the flesh of other 40k games like a trenchcoat suit draped on its rules light bones, a suit it wears because it is ashamed of itself.
So what are Tiers, really? Sure they might represent a power level, or a setting, but what are they? Tiers are an amount of XP that you get when you make your character, and every 100 XP they are a tax on your character XP in the shape of an ascension package. If this tax didn't exist, a 400 XP guardsman would be statistically equivalent to a 400 XP Space Marine.
What are Archetypes? Well they're a combined grab bag of a race, abilities, attributes, skills, wargear and influence, and they cost a certain amount of XP. Logically you could also assume Tier 2 Archetypes are Tier 2 because they cost more than 100 XP, right? Well, No. In fact, only 4 Archetypes cost more than 100XP, 3 of them are space marines and the last, by far the cheapest was the lord inquisitor at 110 XP Cost. The rest of your XP you are encouraged to spend on whatever you want, with absolutely no restraints when you choose talents, skills and attributes except for talent prerequisites and keywords. Is this because you are encouraged to have a lot of customization in your character, with only a small bit of XP spent on the Archetype? Well, yes, but actually no. The Space marine archetypes, for example start with 277 out of 300 XP spent on various racial and archetype abilities. Given that, I thought, why can't I take a tech priest at Tier 1 and just have less XP available to spend on the rest of my character?
This misunderstanding is based off another misconception I had - that the cost of the archetype in any way measures the actual benefits of the archetype. In fact, the XP cost of an archetype only measures the XP spent on Races, Attributes and Skills, completely ignoring wargear, influence and abilites. If you factor in that the Racial XP cost ALSO only factors in the Attributes and Skills they get, then the XP Cost of an Archetype is just the combined Attribute and Skills score. This, by the way, means that any race other than a human is just better than a human for the same XP spent, a fact lampshaded in the book with a "at least they have faith in the emperor" aside - guess space marines are a little unsure of the golden throne. It also means that any pre-built archetype is going to be better off than a "Advanced Character Creation" character at the very least because they have a cool special ability, although it goes further than that.
If making an advanced character was going to be basically the same as choosing an archetype minus some special abilities, I could live with that, let the players choose whichever one suited them best or a free talent or something like that. Primarily it looked like what each archetype got you on top of attributes and skills, which were counted in XP, keywords and abilities which Advanced Character creation covers and war-gear. Wargear in Advanced Character creation was listed with a certain total value per Tier, maximum value per item and a maximum rarity. For example, for Tier 1 the maximum value was 7, the total value was 15, and the maximum rarity was uncommon. So obviously the first item on the first archetype in Tier one is Sororitas Power Armor on a Sister Hospitalier, a rarity Very Rare, value 7 item, and a total of 20 Value spent on wargear. I mean were they high?! Did they read their own book?? This is followed up by the Priest, who has a POWER SHIELD SPROUTING FROM HIS HAT. At Tier 1, the most deadly tier, the priest has a Very Rare power shield at character creation. What. To be fair, the rest of the characters are vaguely within the bounds of the rules, except that the guardsman has 16 wargear total, and the Eldar corsair has 47?! with multiple Very Rare Items the rest of the Tier 1 Team will not see in their lifetimes. Clearly a lot of love for space elves from the authors, but what's an eldar even doing at Tier 1? In fact there's an Eldar for every Tier 1 through 3, and the same for Orks, but wouldn't it make more sense to have a bunch of Orks at tier 1-2 and Eldar at Tier 2-3 so the players could, you know, play together as an Eldar or Ork party? The Corsair having tons of OP wargear is not a result of them being an xeno, btw and thereby needing a little boost to offset the galaxy hating them, because the Ork Boy has a whopping 9 total value wargear, the least of any archetype (Although the Sage comes close at 10 total value and the Ganger at 11 total value but both have +1 Influence to somewhat offset their low wargear)
Tier 2 gets... significantly more wacky. For one thing, you have the Sanctioned Psyker, who has a whopping 13 total value in wargear and a special ability that is exactly the same as any of the Tier 1 classes taking a Psykic awakening ascension, but on the other hand you get the Rogue Trader, the total value of which I have written as ???? in my spreadsheet because the first Item they get is I shit you not an Imperial Frigate. Imperial Frigates do not feature anywhere else in the book so let me pause and ruminate on that a bit.
Nowhere in the Wargear section, in the index at the end or anywhere else in the book is there any mention of what an imperial frigate is. There is such an absence of information on this piece of wargear that it feels like the editing team decreased the font size on the frigate and tried to make sure nobody would notice they snuck it in there. An imperial frigate is not a firefly, millennium falcon type happy go lucky spaceship that a few plucky characters can use to romp around the galaxy - It is a mile long vessel crewed by 26,000 serfs with it's own culture, politics, power groups, police and goddamn armed forces. An Imperial Frigate shoots skyscraper sized torpedoes and rips its way through hell to get to a planet faster than the laws of physics would allow. A character that owns a Frigate can erase a problem from orbit with the press of a button or warp out to another system and never see the consequences of their actions. What could be the power equivalent of such a character? Of Equal Tier and on the opposite page of the Rogue Trader is the Scavy, a Dirty Mutated Hobo who's claim to fame is that they get powerful mutations such as... tinted red eyes or a weird voice.
The Scavvy is also interesting in that if you want to play as a chaos cultist you can't start as the mutant because becoming a chaos traitor means choosing an imperial archetype and flipping imperium to chaos, and scavvs... don't have the imperium tag.
Why are there three different archetypes of almost everything that differ in nothing except wargear and tier? I dare you to find me the difference between an ascended ganger and a desperado. I mean there's so much potential that could have been explored here with different ascensions crafting individual stories for the character, but instead there's all these archetypes that are essentially the same and offer no difference between each other.
So Archetypes are essentially bullshit, a thin veil of theme on top of attributes and wargear with a cherry on top of a special ability. This isn't the main problem of the system. The main problem is that none of the archetypes offer any direction in terms of skill or attribute cost. Oh sure there's suggested skills, attributes and talents, but these are nothing more than suggestions - in no way are they mechanically relevant. The only mechanical driving force in the game is that attributes and skills get progressively, exponentially more expensive as you get more of them. This pushes the player to diversify their attributes, but when everyone equally wants to diversify their attributes you lose out on specialization - and with no specialization, what is even the difference between characters? Is there a difference between a Tech Priest Archetype with Intellect 3, Tech 3 and Scholar 1 (44 XP) and a Inquisitorial Acolyte with Adeptus Mechanicus keyword, Intellect 3, Tech 3 and Scholar 1 (Also 44 XP?) if she was able to grab the same wargear after a few sessions of play?
How much difference is there between a space marine and gangster if having the identical stats has an identical cost for them? This is where I reached my rock bottom - None of the rules for advancement and archetypes and races matter. I could go on another rant about ascension, but it's not as relevant, more of a symptom and not a cause.
In summation, I still might try and house rule something for each race and some archetypes, but for now I think my approach will be that none of the archetypes apply, and everyone should use advanced character creation and pretend those chapters simply don't exist. You'll save some brain cells that way.
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2021.12.03 19:58 ButchyBanana Update 1.7.7

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2021.12.03 19:58 steiliosis Melting Frost/Ice on underlayment

What do you guys do to deal with frost and ice on underlayment?
We need to install, weather is nice but it doesn't get warm enough to get up on the roof.
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2021.12.03 19:58 sazae3 WB Reshiramわ raid on me.Add 6477 7647 0286 or 9725 9725 2979 plz keep online.

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2021.12.03 19:58 JVPjr I have made a very very baseline discord!

This is mostly for the_KC_reefer but I have mad a default discord server for W.A.N.C.B (dm for details)
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2021.12.03 19:58 darth_poco What game should i buy for ps4?

Director cut is worth for Ps4? Or is it just a remaster version to work with ps5 controlers?
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2021.12.03 19:58 HearthSim Top Decks to Climb - HSReplay.net - Dec 03

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2021.12.03 19:58 aydwin C.u.t.e...

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2021.12.03 19:58 ZoobBot 190206

This is the 190206th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.12.03 19:58 Primary_Blood6216 Wiwoo

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2021.12.03 19:58 Silky_is_here I believed we were equal, how mistaken I was

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2021.12.03 19:58 Competitive_Abies_68 My GF is scared and anxious about encountering abusive ex

I (20M) am in college and my GF (19F) of a month has been having a really hard time dealing with an abusive ex that continuously contacts her and looks for her. He is a psycho who abused girls at her high school to the point where he was taken to court and left the state, but is back now. She broke up with him when she was in high school but he has not left her alone. She has blocked him on everything but her group of friends still runs into him sometimes and she has had to contact him before to get her friends away from him. He has told people that she knows that he is still obsessed with her and keeps pictures of her in his wallet. She has been crying and not being herself whenever he finds a new way to pop up. She is going to therapy and is very afraid to go home for winter break because he knows where she lives and she’s scared he’ll come after her. I’m going to be hours away from her over winter break and I’m really worried about her and don’t know what to do. How can I help her feel safe and deal with this situation?
TLDR: my girlfriend is scared of encountering an abusive ex over winter break and I won’t be there
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2021.12.03 19:58 podrostok12 iMessage showing contacts that I am in DND mode even when DND mode is turned off

Is there a setting I am missing to turn off? I have verified this several times with various family members, friends, and colleagues iMessage conversations with me. They are also not individually set to DND. I have missed getting notifications on my phone and Apple Watch because of this.
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2021.12.03 19:58 goodyboomboom Keith Buckley announced yesterday that he’s not finishing the current ETID tour to focus on TID The Season next weekend. Today he elaborated on why he chose to do that. Not good.

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2021.12.03 19:58 HerrHatt Bored bigfoot billionares

New NFT Drop, Bored Bigfoot billionares, Presale Dec 14th join discord for whitelist, https://discord.gg/bu4Uvkza
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2021.12.03 19:58 DrunkArva Returning to college to finish a Bachelors. Any Advice?

Developer with about 4 years of experience here. Decided I'm going to go back and finish out my bachelors next year. What tips would you give someone returning to college in their mid 20's? Did you go back full time? If so, how did you afford life? How many units would you recommend taking if part-time?
Any and all advice appreciated.
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2021.12.03 19:58 The_Driver7 I'm Having A Hard Time Believing The Results. Any Insight Would Be Helpful.

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2021.12.03 19:58 Osama200089 Windows setup: >>> Error Code:0x80070570

Hi I am trying to boot from a USB without product key.. So I copied the following: [Edition ID] Professional [Channel] Retail [VL] 0 I was able to bypass but was confronted by another problem halfway through installation / / /
Windows cannot install required files. The file maybe corrupt or missing. Make sure that all files required for installation are available and restart the installation. Error code: 0x80070570
What could be causing and why? Any solution?
Now it has already assigned about 300mb to an unknown partition. I tried deleting it but it didn't work 😑
This is my first time installing windows so go easy on me
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2021.12.03 19:58 syntheticaf Monument to dragon

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2021.12.03 19:58 KiwiMiddy Do all turbo mini exhausts pop or do you need to buy after a certain year or certain model?

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2021.12.03 19:58 maleko95 Best password manager?

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2021.12.03 19:58 TylerNT2020 A few questions about Death Battle Cast

Did DBC cover Q&A about Dio vs Alucard and Akuma vs Shao Kahn after Kool aid man vs Macho man?
What Episode did they cover The Incredibles Vs Fantastic Four?
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2021.12.03 19:58 southprk999 Can I take 50ug 1cp-lsd and then another 50ug, 5 hours later safely?

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