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#thatPOWER On A Dream: WillIAm x Empire Of The Sun

2022.01.21 21:36 violaence #thatPOWER On A Dream: WillIAm x Empire Of The Sun

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2022.01.21 21:36 sportoftran-bot Quest complete: Helping Laniakea

I helped Laniakea find a Fugu so she could make a very potent poison.
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2022.01.21 21:36 Oreeshaka Janome Artistic Digitizer

Janome Artistic Digitizer I'm trying to learn how to digitize and I can't get the basic click to stitch mode on.
Does anyone know where this option is? I've signed up for John Deer's embroidery course and he just clicks the stitches. I'm using the freehand draw mode but that's not the same thing as the click to stitch and someone tell me where it is??
This is what I'm looking for.
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2022.01.21 21:36 Zirroko So...poinent...

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2022.01.21 21:36 Fluffy-Ad3827 Cleaning

Today was the first day of cleaning my baby’s tank (I’ve had him/her for about a week now) and poor thing was sooo stressed when he was put back in he was waving his tail :(. Is there any way I can make the process easier on them?
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2022.01.21 21:36 whelanjh Trying to remember the name of Irish Pub near WTOP radio transmitter.

I'm trying to remember the name of the Irish Pub near WTOP radio transmitter. It was on the south side of University Boulevard, just west of the WTOP transmitter site. I think it closed probably four years ago, making it about 2018.
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2022.01.21 21:36 MrVanja 20/CET/PC Looking for all time friend?

Im looking for anyone to become friends with.
My timezone is CET. During the week im on from 4pm to 9pm (give or take) due to work. When it comes to weekends im on most of the day if i don't have anything to do at home.
I can play any game really, just don't expect me to be good at it. I like using discord. We don't have to play games we can also just chill or do something else.
If you are interested in becoming friends feel free to dm me.
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2022.01.21 21:36 sportoftran-bot Quest complete: Heartstealer

We may not have stolen a priceless ruby, but I helped Annette steal Caelyn's heart.
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2022.01.21 21:36 appletan1264 Anyone knows when is my Hilo Beauty leaf curling like this?

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2022.01.21 21:36 Flagsinredofficial Who would you like to see make a canon return in tes6?

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2022.01.21 21:36 PsychedelicMention "psychedelic research" in /r/Soulnexus: The current ‘boom’ in entheogen/psychedelic research is needed in anyway possible, however the motivation behind it strikes a bit of concern. At the core this research could open the door and lead the way into a Consciousness revolution which will transcend..

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2022.01.21 21:36 relaaax My review of clean no date sub and buying with jtime

Hi everyone, I just wanted to write a review after getting my CF 116040 no date Submariner a few weeks ago. To start, I absolutely love this watch. This is my first rep, so I wanted to write this to help anyone else who is new to this or anyone else interested in this particular watch.
Timeline: 11/28 - Messaged Li at Jtime on WeChat 11/29 - Payment of $461 sent via Wise 12/2 - QC photos received, had to RL due to significant dial error 12/5 - 2nd QC received, gave the GL 12/9 - email received that the watch is shipped. Of note, I received a USPS tracking number only. This tracking number did not work to track the package at all on any tracking website while it was still in transit outside of the US despite what other users suggested 1/3 - watch received. Took almost a month, perhaps affected by Christmas and customs. I saw other people receive theirs in 1-2 weeks and was feeling a little despaired, but at the end everything came through
Onto the watch: This CF submariner is amazing. I don't really have any other particular watches I want to pursue after getting this one. The dial is very clean, crystal is clear, bezel has smooth rotation, and rehaute looks accurate Overall, looks like a very quality rep and my friends have been impressed by how good a rep can look.
Onto some cons about this watch: the worst part of the CF sub is the crown. The screw-down crown does not come out that smoothy and the winding is not very smooth. It winds less smoothly than my Tissot with a Powermatic 80 movement. The power reserve is also pretty weak. I think it claims 40 hours, but that is really pushing it. If you don't wear it for about a day, it tends to stop running. By comparison, my Tissot can last usually through an entire weekend and I also have a gen Omega Deville that can pretty easily hold 50 hours of power reserve.
This subreddit has been very helpful, so I just wanted to share my experience to see if it could help anyone else in the future. Enjoy your watches
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2022.01.21 21:36 ASICmachine El Salvador Purchases 410 More Bitcoins Amid Market Drop, President Bukele Says (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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2022.01.21 21:36 TimothyCNorris Louie Anderson Dead at 68 After Battle with Cancer

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2022.01.21 21:36 morphosintax AGAINST THE DAY GROUP READ / WEEK 9 / SECTIONS 32-37

AGAINST THE DAY GROUP READ / WEEK 9 / SECTIONS 32-37 Hi everyone. Sorry for the delay. As a disclaimer, english is my second language, i got a little bit of covid and i'm felling meh so thanks for your patience.
We're in the middle of the journey and this week I´ m happy to continue the lead after u/bardflight guide us through the first sections of Bilocations. We will continue our travel through time and space. I particularly love these sections for all those apparitions and ghosts and ghost-ships. The structure of this post is very simple, I just divided the sections and made summaries and comments, then I threw out some points that i coulnd't fit on the main paragraphs.
The reading seesion will continue next week, hosted by u/spacer_out. Schedule is available here[https://www.reddit.com/ThomasPynchon/comments/qgx3kx/announcing\_rthomaspynchons\_against\_the\_day\_winte\]
Section 32 The organization C.A.C.A harasses Lindsay for medical checkups and discovers Lindsay's desire to marry, become two instead of one. While Lindsay is busy, the rest of the Inconvenience tripulation goes to the desert.
Lindsay Noseworth learns about a nook that can transposition physical mater through space and then he finds himself in the desert and realizas that something is trying to lure him, mysterious voices calling him. Surprise! The Chums of Chance find his partner in the desert while traveling with the tripulation of the H.M.S.F. Saksaul at charge of the Captain Toadflax.
With all the Chums on board, the subdesertine frigate goes below the sand and the journey starts. The Chums of Chance go into an adventure in the Saksaul to find the lost city of Shambala following the Sfinciuno itinerary, a map that soon will be discovered has extra layers of encryption. If they want to find the Lost City, they need to find it in space and time. The Chums learn that the search for Shambala is also a militar crusade against fabricated enemies, or everyone else with the same mission. Once again the Chums feel used by the Organization above them.
The comparison of this expedition to find Shambala, a sacred lost city, with the medieval crusades adds more meaning into the central themes of the book: the refraction, the double nature of things and repetitions, now we have the idea that History repeats and is also critique of the interventionist politics of the U.S in middle east. In the book, the war is developing fast: the Chums recall their apocalyptic visions inside Dr. Zoot´'s chamber. Later Gaspereaux explains that Shambala was found and all the Powers are just waiting to take control over the City.
  • Gaspearoux recognizes that the map has layers of meaning. Seems like a self-reference to this book and how it plays with its own poetics.
The anamorphoscope
Section 33 Merle travels east to Iowa, searching for Dally. He starts working at Dreamtime Movy, the local moving-picture house, with all the prodigies of light: moving images, photographs, the promise of Time travel and even an idea beyond Time travel: the plan to sell the pure soul, the essence of light.
The chapter serves as an exposition and reflection, for readers and characters, about the technological and theoretical advancements in the late XIX century. As Merle thinks about the relationship of the frozen images quickly presented one behind the other to give an illusion of movement, he understands why magicians were so interested in the business. The movies present an opportunity for Merle And Roswell to talk about Time.
Later, Merle goes to a college conference at Candlebrow University. The scientific discourse intertwines with metaphysics -this chapter unificates the secular with mysticism- and two genres merge: Merle gets integrated to the world of science fiction and to the world of The Chums. So in this reunion you guys can get a discussion about Time and Space, join the Vectorist or the Quaternionists on their debates, talk about the laws of Karma and History, or ask electromechanical questions.
The interaction between Chick C. and Merle brings attention when Merle says “What are you boy up to these days? Last I read, you were over Venice” effectively showing the character´'s awareness about the fictionalization of this interlocutor: Counterfly.
  • There is a special narrator for The Chums that doesn't appear here because it's not a Chums adventure, we read the world from Merle´'s focalization and he knows that Chick is a fictional character.
Processing img g4v6yjryv2d81...
Section 34 To present this chapter, I got this quote from Stephen… King, obviously: “—What is a ghost? Stephen said with tingling energy. One who has faded into impalpability through death, through absence, through change of manners.”
This chapter is the story about a ghost named Frank and a transgression of the Western genre in which the Traverse family intruded when Deuce and Sloat murdered Web. Frank goes back to Nochecita to find that everything has changed: “The town abruptly became an unreadable map for him”, and now he is an individual alienated from this reality, instead of a hero coming back home, or a cowboy walking through a ghost town; he became the ghost like his father. Frank isn't a legend -like other legends that we encounter in this book- coming back triumphant, but a forgotten man with no real resolution for his trauma.
In Nochecita, Frank looks for Reef and gets information from Linnet Dawes, who couldn't recognize him at first glance. Frank gets information about his brother and family and where they could be. He goes to Fickle Creek, a place full of motorcyclist, unionists and nihilists, to find Estrella at the Hotel Noctambulo with a motor outlaw named Vang Feeley. Estrella never recognizes Frank, but he still gives her a final goodbye.
Later, in Denver, Frank ran into the Reverend Moss Gatlin driving his car, the Anarchist Heaven, and started a discussion about the conditions of the workers, the relationship that workers hold with each other.
In the hotel, Frank finds by coincidence where his mother is. Julius tells Frank that his mother now runs an ice cream parlor. When the Traverse get together, they talk about how she receives pension money from the mine company, the fate of Sloat Fresno, they never talk about Lake. They start to ask questions about the importance of this mission that Frank carries on his shoulders, if he really has to kill Deuce; at the end, instead of keeping his search for revenge, Frank decides to move on like everyone else.
  • We keep getting our head smashed by unreadable maps.
  • This and the next chapter have a stretch relation with the literary tradition of the ghost. Like Hamlet: "The serpent that did sting thy Fathers life, /Now wears his crown." the quote from Ulysses above, Derrida's idea of Specter and Haunt, etc.
Like this thing, but with a cowboy hat
Section 35 We get more family drama in this section, now focalized in Deuce and Lake Traverse. In this chapter we have more ghosts, but now these apparitions haunt the characters. Deuce shows vulnerability and wants to be forgiven by his wife. At first, both characters pretend not to know each other's feelings. There is an implicit, unspoken truth that the couple starts to unveil with dialogue. Deuce recognizes that he was just another cog in the system, repleasable: “I was just there. They would´'ve hired anybody”, later he will say “I was only their instrument”; Lake, ad hoc with her father´'s ethos, responds: “could‘ve stood up ”, “could’ve been a man instead of a crawling snake.” The discussion doesn't solve their problems and this is the part where Web Traverse haunts Deuce and appears in his dreams and thoughts.
Arriving in Wall o’ Death, Missouri, site of an abandoned carnival reminiscent of the Chicago World Fair, Deuce is mistaken for a sheriff and takes the job. He finds out about his partner in crime death from a reporting officer and starts to cry, then he tells Lake about it. This news trigger Sloat´ 's ghost to haunt Lake in sexual ways. Later, Lake tells her story to the other sheriff's wife, Tace Boilster; in return, she reveals to Lake the story of how she was sexually abused by her father and brother. Tace tries to convince Lake to just leave Deuce, but she refuses. She later writes in her diary: “I can never leave him, no matter what he does to me, I have to stay, it's part of the deal.”
The problems between Lake and Deuce grow bigger the more we read until its culmination when both realize that they actually know everything. The couple get in an intense discussion. While Deuce is trying hard to be forgiven to dispel the ghost of Web Traverse, Lake can't forgive his husband. Everything ends when Lake attacks Deuce, the Sheriff and Tace stop the fight.
  • Here, the theme of the ghost, the idea of an entity present with their absence is more explicit. Those specters present themselves as problems, almost physical apparitions, that Deuce and Lake had to resolve in order to stop them.
Section 36 The story of this chapter goes mainly into the focalization of two groups. First, Neville and Nigel take a steam bath, they discuss each other's penises, they also make comments about Yashmeen´'s body, her oriental exotic characteristics and about her “embryo Apostlet”, the “sod” Cyprian Latewood, a dude whose uncle brought him to an “all-male house of ill-fame” and his father punished him for failing this “character test”, so he sends him to Cambridge.
Cyprian fall in love with Yashmeen, even when both characters prefer their own sex. This revelation generated doubts on Cyprian's acquaintances. After, we got the interleave perspective of the group of Yashmeen and Cyprian. Halfcourt´'s group have conversations about fashion, vegetables that deserve some love, they also recommend her to dump her lover if he doesn't dance.
Professor Renfrew is hoarding information about everything for his “Map of the World'' a project in which Ratty is also working on. During the Long Vacation, Yashmeen returns to her rooms in Chunxton Crescent, she notices her separation from T.W.I.T. so she “secluded herself in the upper room with a number of mathematics texts and began, like so many in the era, a journey into the dodgy terrain of Riemann’s zeta function and his famous conjecture”
Yashmeen realizes her pursuit of the zeta function will take her to Göttingen to follow Riemann’s papers and Hilbert, a man who only thinks in the mathematical function. Yashmeen and Cyprian had to part ways. When Renfrew heard about Yashmeen’s intention to run for Göttingen. He conspires against his “opposite number”, Wefner.
Yashmeen and his girls went with an atelier where Yashmeen gets a frock of special properties. After she leaves Cambridge, Cyprian waited to had the “intestinal certainty that he would never see her again” the horrible sadness that comes after a love one goes away; however, “no such attack of sadness occurred”, some Fate claimed that none of that relationship “was quite done yet”.
  • Does Riemann's zeta function has something to do with traveling through Time given all the discourse surrounding the vertical rotation?
  • I don't like this chapter to be honest, because i don't understand a lot of the concepts so the question here is: Can someone solve Riemann's zeta function to make Time travel a possibility? :)
  • The concept of the "Map of the World", this bunch of data heavily reminds me of an Italo Calvino's short story named "La memoria del mondo".
  • The Map as a theme also have some obvious connections with the concepts of simulacra and representation. The short story "On Exactitude in Science" by Borges is a good explanation, or Baudrillard if you have time.
Section 37 This chapter gives us more family drama, but now on the side of the Zombinis, Dally and her mother They get on board of the SS Stupendica headed to Europe. Erlys Zombini remembers about her life and talks to her daughter about her relationship with her father, Merle Rideout, about how they get to know each other after her father die, the time when she got pregnant with Dally and the promise she made to come back for Dally after she fell in love and leave with Luca Zombini, the first real passion of her life.
Dally sees that one of the passengers of the Stupendica is Kit Traverse, Vibe´'s protégé who is traveling to Göttingen, and they kind of flirt, those two will acknowledge each other later -Kit also became a friend of Root Tubsmith, the only other mathematician on the ship-. Dally not only recognizes Kit from Yale, but also his brother Frank from Colorado.
Dally and Kit fell in love at second sight. She talks about his feelings with her family. At some point “It had begun to seem as if she and Kit were on separate vessels, distinct versions of the Stupendica”. Through the narrator, we learn Stupendica´´'s fate to be converted into a battleship. Soon after that revelation, Kit finds himself separated from his friend and no longer aboard their original boat, but in the engine room of the S.M.S. Emperor Maximilian, "one of several 25,000-ton dreadnoughts contemplated by Austrian naval planning but, so far as official history goes, never built". The two ships were different construction projects that mysteriously merged into a single ship. Both vessels shared a room: "A 'deeper level' where dualities are resolved."
Kit tries to escape the “reality” of the Maximilian by climbing into more ladders and hatches, but unsuccessfully finds a bunch of people living in a stack of used plates and dishes destined to be colonists in Morocco. Kit manages to go ashore in Agadir and quickly got a job at the Fomalhaut.
In the meantime, the Stupendica kept its travel itinerary with the rest of the tripulation. Dally was desperate to find Kit anywhere on the ship, worried that he could fall from the side into the sea. At the end, with some dreams as the only trace of his loved Kit, the Stupendica disembarks in Venice, a place unknown for Dally.
The original Dreadnought
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