Any reason not to use bottle trap under bathroom sink that is very close to wall?

2022.01.21 21:28 knight_who_says_knee Any reason not to use bottle trap under bathroom sink that is very close to wall?

I got one of these small sinks for a very small bathroom im remodeling. The drain is only 5 inches away from the wall, so would like to use a bottle trap instead of p trap.
I read that they clog a lot, and the inside can corrode if made of metal. However, this is a powder room that gets used like twice a month, so don't think clogs would be as much as a worry. I also tried to lookup code for OH, and don't see anything that bans them.
Any other reason not to go with these?
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2022.01.21 21:28 Reneski Start the weekend off right

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2022.01.21 21:28 PatBenatar Is my dog “banned” from American Airlines?

I’ve traveled with my dog in-cabin many times. She slightly bigger than the rules allow, but they almost never seem to mind (and she does great in her carrier).
This last time, I got a VERY strict check-in agent who didn’t want to let my dog in. After I almost cried she gave in, and said “I’ll make an exception this time but you can NEVER bring her on American Airlines again unless you check her in cargo.”
Is that actually true? Is it possible she wrote a note on my account that I shouldn’t be allowed to bring a dog anymore?
Since I’ve flown with my dog so many times before I’m not too worried any other check in agent will care - I’m just worried that this one may have officially banned my dog. Is that possible?
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2022.01.21 21:28 qpid360 Weird Problem... Auto Plays Music When Removed

This just started happening recently. The last device my AirPods Pro was connected to would launch and play something from Apple Music when I REMOVE them from my ears. All firmware/software versions current. Anyone else experience this?
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2022.01.21 21:28 Clockwork_Firefly New to Buddhism - I'd love recommendations for texts on bodhicitta, bodhisattvas, and other topics around Buddhist ideals of universal compassion

Hello everyone! In case the clumsiness of the title didn't give it away, I'm not a Buddhist myself, but I've been trying to understand more about the beliefs and ideas lately. The title is essentially my question, but I've included some more context below in case it helps :)
I'm happy to go into more detail if it's relevant (I originally wrote a whole big paragraph on this before realizing it was probably a bit gauche to detail my own worldview right after asking others about theirs), but in brief I believe very strongly in the universal, fundamental importance of the well-being of all creatures. This is obviously not a feeling unique to me, and most belief systems contain some fragments of this very notion.
However, the more Buddhist texts I read, the more I seemed to see this idea expressed in full. From some of Shantideva's writings that I've read, to the general acknowledgement of the moral importance of nonhuman animals, to even tales of Boddhisatvas like Kṣitigarbha, said to have committed himself to endless cycles of rebirth until every Naraka is emptied. I may not currently believe in either rebirth or Narakas, but I am absolutely invigorated to see a spiritual tradition assert that such a thing would be a righteous thing to do if they are real.
Again, I'd like to clarify I'm very new to these ideas and have probably gotten things wrong. Please feel free to correct any misunderstandings I may have! Also, I'm aware of the existence and controversy of secular Buddhism. Suffice to say, I'm not interested in moulding an active set of spiritual beliefs to my own worldview, nor to put my ideas under the auspices of those beliefs. I am just excited to see a tradition that seems to embrace a similar fundamental ethical goal to me, and I'd love to learn more about how it approaches this topic.
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2022.01.21 21:28 jayohessaych WB Typhlosion 8974 1655 3849

8974 1655 3849
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2022.01.21 21:28 IsDaouda_Games Java on Visual Studio Code Update – January 2022

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2022.01.21 21:28 RedditUser1089r74876 A complex drum beat / captured by the saxophone / drift away from stress

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2022.01.21 21:28 platypi712 Caught my ham snoozing in the sand 🥺

The heating pad was on and the sand was nice and warm. He snoozed next to his chewing stick for a while and then went back to his burrow. Adorable.
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2022.01.21 21:28 tallwhiteliam4 Ideal Batman Game

If you could design your ideal Batman video game, or video game series that's unattached from the Arkham Series. What would it be?
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2022.01.21 21:28 livinginneverland Nos trataron de robar? (Serio)

Encontramos un iman afuera de la puerta de la casa donde nos estamos quedando. Tiene una de esas alarmas de sensor magnético de dos partes. Nos parece muy raro ya que ninguno puso eso. Nos “marcaron” o dejaron eso para poder desactivar la alarma o la estamos pensando mucho? Gracias!
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2022.01.21 21:28 cmatskas Hackathon - Build something awesome with Microsoft's Decentralized Identity service

Join Microsoft's Decentralized Identity this January and win some awesome swag and prizes while you learn how to build apps that use the Verifiable Credentials API to issue and verify Credentials.
Register here:
Free, virtual and available to everyone
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2022.01.21 21:28 olive_oil_twist (IKTR)

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2022.01.21 21:28 brokensilence32 [Comic Excerpt] One of my favorite splash pages ever (Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth)

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2022.01.21 21:28 therehegoagain We have seen Rap/Country collaborations find a spot in the Top 100 chart, consistently, in the past five years. If you had the power, what (two) artists from (two) different genres would you choose to collaborate and create an album/song together for your listening pleasure?

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2022.01.21 21:28 throwaway12973637910 What exactly is bothering you during the last 2 years ?

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2022.01.21 21:28 Winter_Chills Anybody have an extra set of barrier armour set?

Looking to try out an etherial warrior type character but I haven’t been able to find the set yet
I can trade back whatever it’s worth in silvegold, or I have most base game items if something specific!
Psn is Judge21 if anybody can help!
Thanks in advance
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2022.01.21 21:28 bob-the-cook Vegetable Dumplings Vegan Gyoza Potstickers

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2022.01.21 21:28 Human_Development956 HELPPPPP

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2022.01.21 21:28 SweetSensation_ About the eye of the world and the wheel of time.

I thought the wheel of time was in the eye of the world.
Was I the only one?
Does the wheel of time exist somewhere?
I thought it was so anticlimactic that they got to the eye of the world and it was just a little pond with colored stones.
Did Moiriane know that there was a chest full of treasures there?
I thought Rand's fight against the Dark One made a lot more sense on the show than it did in the book. That teleport from nowhere...

(Sorry for my English. I hope I haven't offended anyone.)
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2022.01.21 21:28 Ok_Shock9715 Recommendations for a new MC clinic

I'm am currently with alternaleaf and am looking at changing clinics for better service (there's no local MC doctors, Mid north coast NSW).
I use flower and oil for back pain and have the government pension card, so discount MC would be great too!
👉 that Intrest me mostly:
Discount with pension card?
Best choice of products?
Fees for dispatch (currently $35)
Doctor Referrals needed?
Will my repeat scripts from alternaleaf be deleted upon finding a new clinic?
Thanks for info you can help with
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2022.01.21 21:28 The_goldchain Lay's Fried Pickle with Ranch First Reaction and Review

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2022.01.21 21:28 MakenshiQT Google Pixel 6 or S21

Hey everyone,
Been debating on which phone to get for the past week or so. Coming from a Samsung S8 and now forced to upgrade a bit prematurely due to Cricket Wireless no longer supporting my phone coming this Feburary 1st.  
Overall, I'm just looking for a phone that would be considered a "worthwhile" upgrade from the S8. The Google Pixel 6 looks like a fun phone however, I've read that people have faced issues ranging from screen problems to battery problems with every update. It is the more budget friendly of the two, costing only $599.  
The S21 is $799, and going with S21 would be me just sticking with the Samsung ecosystem because of familiarity, the better battery? and screen/specs? I know the S22 is coming out soon, however I am unable to wait until then because my provider is going to stop supporting my phone before I am able to see if it's worth holding on for it.  
What I use my phone for the most: Texting, browing social media, watching videos, listening to music. I rarely use my device for gaming. Picture taking - I take photos maybe once every week or on vacations only.  
Thank you for your input. I very much appreciate it.
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2022.01.21 21:28 ParamedicUpbeat9050 Feeling worthless

We’re doing a Sadie Hawkins dance soon and I know I’m not going to be asked. ):
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2022.01.21 21:28 HolongBemblePiffers This is what Alien Possession is. This is what is happening.

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